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Welcome to my website!

To put it briefly, I’m a law student, music teacher, and competitive speaker and debater. On this website, you can find blog posts that outline my perspective on different issues. Currently, I’m working on a series on #LiberalLogic.

I’m currently studying law at Oak Brook College of Law. I intend to graduate in 2018.

I am also heavily involved in competitive speech and debate through Stoa USA, and I hope to join NCFCA as well. I love debate, and I participate extensively in speech. As of this year, I have participated in Lincoln-Douglas and parliamentary debate, as well as extemporaneous, apologetics, broadcasting, impromptu, and motivational.

I play both the piano and violin proficiently, and I have basic ability on the viola and most keyboard instruments. I currently teach violin and piano. If you want to get in contact with me about music lessons, click here.

Politically, I am a strong conservative, with libertarian leanings. I’m a Christian, aligned to traditional Baptist beliefs and doctrine.

For more information, for inquires, or to just hang out, feel free to ping me whenever.

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