It’s one thing to hear about mass Chinese government censorship of Western social media networks and websites – it’s a whole other thing to experience it firsthand.

Every one of the top four websites on the Web (by Alexa ranking) is blocked.

Google is entirely blocked. That includes Google Drive, Google+, Google Maps, and Gmail. Twitter is blocked. Facebook is blocked. Instagram is blocked. YouTube is blocked. WordPress.com is blocked. In fact, blocking WordPress.com has ramifications for my own website, JeremyWang.tk, which is built on WordPress. Vimeo is blocked. SoundCloud is blocked.

It’s simply unbelievable for me, growing up in a free nation where liberty is secured by a Constitution, to be dumped into a nation with absolutely no respect for the privacy or liberty of its own people.

Personally, suffering through the tortuous steps required the ‘climb the Firewall’ (in local parlance) teach me the importance and value of freedom. For those of us who live every day in America, and in other free nations around the world, remember that your liberty. Remember the price of that liberty, and be eternally grateful for those who gave their utmost that you could be free.

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