Liberal Logic – Talking Points: It’s a choice


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This is easily the most cited argument in support of what the blogger Matt Walsh has called “the highest sacrament in the Church of Liberalism.” (Matt Walsh on TheBlaze) Namely, abortion.

Many liberals seem intellectually unable to come up with better support of one of their most prized social reforms. Granted, there are some truly intelligent liberals, but they are rare and few in between.

Some liberals are able to come up with decent arguments that are worthy of consideration. For example, some argue that an unborn child does not have human rights, and that an unborn child is not entitled to legal protection. Those are legitimate arguments. But simply calling abortion a different name is not one.

Liberals fail to understand that basically everything we do is a ‘choice,’ so to speak. One ‘chooses’ to pull the trigger. One ‘chooses’ to start the fire that burned down the house. One ‘chooses’ to smash the window and swipe the goods. Murder, arson, and burglary are all obviously immoral, regardless of the fact that they are ‘choices.’

Let’s look further into the example of murder. Under American and English common law, murder is homicide committed with malice aforethought (usually intent to kill or seriously injure is enough for malice). If I shot a person in cold blood, intending to do so, it’s murder. It remains murder even if I try to use a nicer term for it: “I didn’t kill him, Your Honor – I … um … well … I was just making a population control choice, you know?” Murder remains immoral no matter what you call it.

In the same way, liberals change the words that they use to refer to abortion to convey a sense of right, or at least apathy, regarding abortion. They call abortion “a reproductive health choice.” They call supporters of abortion “pro-choice.”

Sadly, much of the time, that’s the only argument they can think of. Changing the name. Giving it a nicer title. Making it sound cool.

Even more sadly, people buy it. 50% of Americans label themselves as pro-choice, while 44% identify as pro-life. However, when delving deeper, the same poll revealed that 55% of Americans thought that abortion should either never be legal or should only be legal in a few situations, while only 42% thought that abortion should be always legal or legal most of the time. When people hear the word “free choice” and “health decision,” they don’t want to be portrayed as fighting against freedom or privacy, even when that freedom and privacy is used to extinguish the life of an unborn child.

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