Religious beliefs

Independent Fundamental Baptist (more info)


Right-leaning libertarian with tendencies towards the Christian right (more info).

Law school

I’m a freshman law student at Oak Brook College of Law. I intend to graduate in 2018.

Speech and debate

I am also heavily involved in competitive speech and debate through Stoa USA, and I plan to join NCFCA next year as well. I love debate, and also participate extensively in speech.

This year, I have participated in Lincoln-Douglas and parliamentary debate, as well as humorous interpretation, extemporaneous, apologetics, broadcasting, impromptu, and motivational. In the past, I have also participated in original oratory.


I also teach music, both violin and piano at the moment. If you want to get in contact with me about teaching, try talking to someone we both know – that’s usually a good place to start for anything. My rates are low compared to other teachers, and I already have several students on the violin, and am just starting to teach piano.

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